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Είσαι βλάκας και άρρωστος τουλάχιστον σταμάτα να το παίζεις φασίστας, πες ότι είσαι απλώς βλάκας φιλελές (ή κομουνιστής) να τελειώνουμε!
Γνωρίζω ότι βαθιά μέσα σου ξέρεις ότι έχω αποκαλύψει τα κίνητρά σου αλλά δεν αφήνεις ούτε καν τον εαυτό σου να το συνειδητοποιήσει. Αυτοεξαπατάσσαι κακομοίρη! Πως είναι δυνατόν να έχει επιβιώσει κάτι στη Φύση το οποίο να μην είναι εγωιστικό;  Και εάν επιβίωσε ο δότης, αντί να πεθάνει από την πείνα, που βρίσκεται ο δέκτης και πως είναι δυνατόν να μην έχει καπατσώσει όλες τις ιδεολογίες και τα πόστα;

Ενδεικτικά τα παρακάτω για την κομμουνιστοφασιστική ψυχολογική σου ασθένεια.

One of the more interesting chapters in the book, but which stands somewhat apart from the rest of the analysis, concerns self-deception. Tuschman points out

According to Dr. [Randolph] Nesse, "People who can self-deceptively believe themselves to be altruistic while they are, in fact, pursuing selfish motives, will have higher Darwinian fitness, on average, than people who are consciously aware of their own motives." Stated more elegantly, "People who incorrectly experience themselves as altruists will be better at exploiting others through deceptive means."

Tuschman points out that

Political candidates have huge incentives to be seen as superhuman altruists; these incentives magnify the potential for self-deception.

He cites evidence from an experiment in which groups were assigned randomly to high-powered and low-powered roles.

The students who had played the prime ministers answered these questions with significantly more moral hypocrisy. In other words, the powerful players thought it was all right to dodge taxes themselves, while judging other tax evaders harshly. The civil servants did the exact opposite: their attitudes regarding tax dodges were much more lenient toward others than toward themselves.

He also notes that

The hierarchy of Communist regimes presents an especially glaring moral hypocrisy... left-wing dictators must continue towing a leftist ideology that exalts egalitarianism. Doing so successfully is easier with self-deception... Yet, as philosopher Peter Singer points out, "What egalitarian revolution has not been betrayed by its leaders? And why do we dream that the next revolution will be any different?" The "dreaming" that Singer refers to suggests that utopian leftist followers are also self-deceived.


The extreme left promises egalitarian camaraderie for all peoples... In practice, however, Communist governments have oppressed minority groups... most persecution of minority groups under leftist dictatorships is not consistent with being a mere tactic to break down ethnocentrism and assimilate out-groups; rather, the politically dominant ethnicity of the dictator inevitably fares better than the oppressed minority groups.