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Στοχοποιήσεις εξωτερικού
« on: May 28, 2016, 05:43:09 pm »
Sky News reported today that a boat full of refugee’s capsized off the coast of Libya. Over 550 people were rescued by the Italian navy, but five people died. Women and children were on board the vessel.

dsc-0579-1-750x563Photo credit: Italian Navy
Over 90% of the refugees fleeing the Middle East to enter Europe, are Syrian refugees. There are presently 13 Western nations bombing civilians in Syria, with the Assad regime bringing it to 14 governments total. In addition to Assad war crimes and genocide, there is ISIS and other foreign backed terrorists targeting civilians.

It might be difficult for those of us in the West to comprehend the extreme conditions of war or the economic hardship refugees are fleeing from. You would think that Westerners would at least be sympathetic to their plight. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of people who still prefer racism over humanity.

Below are screenshots of Facebook users who thought this tragedy was funny.

Εμεις ξερουμε πως δεν ειναι ολοι Αναρχικοι. Μονο αυτοι ειναι οι σωστοι, οι προκαθορισμενοι για την Ουτοπια. Τι σημασια εχουν οι υπολοιποι; Οι υπολοιποι ειναι απλως η ανθρωποτητα. Πρεπει να υπερεχει κανεις της ανθρωποτητας μεσω της ρωμης, μεσω του υψους της ψυχης, μεσω της περιφρονησης.

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