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Tuesday (Not) Humor... Jackpot In Italian Lottery: Supermarket Job

With the Italian economy in its fourth recession in the last ten years and unemployment soaring, a supermarket has come up with a novel way of hiring. According to Germany's Mittelstands Nachrichten, customers who spend over EUR30 will receive a lottery ticket and the grand prize winners will be given "temporary part-time assistant jobs" at the supermarket. We are not really sure where to go with this - but somewhere in this odd arrangement is a sad reflection of the European society's deterioration...



Via Deutsche-Mittelstands-Nachrichten,

For the unemployed in Italy, new possibilities, to get a job. A supermarket chain is giving away jobs to their customers. The premise: you have to buy for more than 30 euros, then you get a lottery ticket, which entitled to participate in the Sweepstakes. Winners of the lottery, a temporary job part time job as an assistant waiting in the supermarket.
"Our contest is open to people of all ages and backgrounds," said Alessandra Aloisi, HR Manager of Gruppo BSE, Bloomberg. The chain of one-time supermarkets in Rome sells lottery tickets, which are very well received by customers. "Some participants are even question whether the profits they may possibly pass on to a friend or relative," Aloisi Sun
The economy in Italy is in its fourth recession in the last ten years. Unemployment has risen as a result of over eleven percent, which corresponds to the highest level in 13 years. A report by the OECD, will this trend continue. Mario Monti, the government has to take while a steel plant, the 25,000 jobs came as a result of an environmental scandal in danger
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Good old rich kid bashing day

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