Author Topic: Η ΧΑ αγαπά τον Τραμπ  (Read 1667 times)

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Re: Η ΧΑ αγαπά τον Τραμπ
« on: May 13, 2016, 05:39:31 pm »
We are officially informed by the Kremlin that Vladimir Putin pronounces the u in this name with neither the yew sound nor the u in put or but. If we wanted our spelling to represent accurately the sound of the way Russians pronounce the first syllable of his name, it would be POO-tin or POU-tin. Our mouthing of that last syllable would still be a little off because of what phonologists, the scientists of sounds, call "the soft t," which doesn't exist in our alphabet. The closest I can get in Roman spelling to the sound of his name in Russian would be POO-tsyin,

εσυ ξερεις καλυτερα απο τους new york times.
Εμεις ξερουμε πως δεν ειναι ολοι Αναρχικοι. Μονο αυτοι ειναι οι σωστοι, οι προκαθορισμενοι για την Ουτοπια. Τι σημασια εχουν οι υπολοιποι; Οι υπολοιποι ειναι απλως η ανθρωποτητα. Πρεπει να υπερεχει κανεις της ανθρωποτητας μεσω της ρωμης, μεσω του υψους της ψυχης, μεσω της περιφρονησης.