Author Topic: Πατριωτισμός και Καπιταλισμός  (Read 41 times)

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I don't describe myself as a nationalist. I'm an anarchocapitalist but I can't deem any person that despises its own nation as psychologically healthy. It's like your family. People prefer members of their family over strangers, ceteris paribus. This is how nature works. If you don't prefer your kin over others, you're mentally disturbed. Only **** victims, drug junkies and maniacs can feel like a true cosmopolitan feels. We're talking about severe traumas. Thus I believe if you're mentally healthy you must love your nation and prefer your kin over strangers. You don't have to call yourself a nationalist, especially since so many crypto-commie socialists espouse this label promulgating socialist dogmas which actually hurt every nation they are imposed upon. On the other hand, the very love of your nation ought to make you a capitalist because capitalism makes nations flourish and socialism makes nations suffer, falter and die.