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You wouldn’t know it from her sweet smile, but the reason why Nesrin Abdi carries a rifle is in case she needs to shoot herself dead.

This, she explained matter-of-factly, would be preferable to being captured by the monsters of Islamic State.

Nesrin, a 20-year-old medical student, is by all accounts a happy, well-educated, middle-class young woman with an infectious joy for life.

In her home town of Kobane on the Syria-Turkey border, moments of joy are rare, but a photograph captures the triumphant moment three days ago when she was among Kurdish fighters who recaptured a strategic hill from the Islamic State invaders.

The jihadis’ sinister black flag was torn down and replaced with a fluttering Kurdish red-and-yellow banner, marking what may well prove a symbolic turning point in the life-and-death struggle for the besieged town.

But Nesrin, a doctor’s daughter who has joined an army of women battling to defend Kobane, is aware that every day could be her last.

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Απο μεσσαια οικογενια, φοιτητρια ιατρικης, σιγουρα θα ειναι μεταξυ εαακ κουρδων και αναρχιας.


φεμινιστριες πανηγυριζουν την νικη τους στα βουνα του κουρδισταν

αναλυση που δειχνει πως οι κουρδισσες και οι κουρδοι πλεον δεν ειναι μαρξιστες λενινιστες αλλα μαχητικοι αναρχικοι:

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Εμεις ξερουμε πως δεν ειναι ολοι Αναρχικοι. Μονο αυτοι ειναι οι σωστοι, οι προκαθορισμενοι για την Ουτοπια. Τι σημασια εχουν οι υπολοιποι; Οι υπολοιποι ειναι απλως η ανθρωποτητα. Πρεπει να υπερεχει κανεις της ανθρωποτητας μεσω της ρωμης, μεσω του υψους της ψυχης, μεσω της περιφρονησης.